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MedAdvisor App


Montague Markets Pharmacy offers a script on file service. Lose you scripts? Not sure how many repeats left? Confused about how to take your medication? Ask our pharmacists about our free medication management app; MedAdvisor.


MedAdvisor offers everything you need to manage your medications from your mobile device or internet browser (and it's entirely FREE!)

Smart Medication List
MedAdvisor's home screen provides an automatic list of all your prescription medications, updated automatically whenever you fill scripts. For each medicine you'll see the medication name, brand name, repeats left, days' supply left and colour indicators if action is required.
Leave your scripts on file at Paddington Central Pharmacy and Medadviser automatically reminds you when to fill your recurring scripts, and chases you up if you forget. The system automatically detects if scripts are filled - and reminds you only if your repeats are not filled in time.
Carer Mode
Manage the medication of other family members all from within your MedAdvisor account. Add accounts for your kids, or parents, and you can easily help them manage their prescriptions remotely; Just becuase Nanna can't work an iPad, doesn't mean you can't help her track her prescriptions and take the worry from her life!
Tap-To-Refill / Order Scripts Online
Order prescriptions with a simple tap to have them dispensed in advance at your favourite pharmacy, so when you arrive you can collect them immediately – no waiting! You'll need to leave your scripts on file at the pharmacy to allow this.
Medication Information
MedAdvisor includes full medication information in easy-to-access fold out sections, so you can quickly learn how to use your medication. Images are also included of all prescription tablets and capsules. Quickly access info including Common Uses, How-To-Use Tips, Cautions/Warnings, Possible Side Effects and more.
Your Favourite Pharmacy (Montague Markets Pharmacy!)
MedAdvisor provides one-tap access to the details of your favourite pharmacy, including phone number, email, opening hours, show-on-map/navigation and other information.
Reminds you to visit the doctor to get new scripts after you use the final repeat for long-term medications and follows up if you forget. You can cancel reminders for a medicine if you're no-longer taking it.
Reminds you when to take your medication each day, at the appropriate times of the day. This feature is available for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets only.
MedAdvisor App
MedAdvisor App
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